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Information on Covid-19

Please always check the relevant government sites for the latest updates

There are quite a number of place you can find information, so please make sure you check. The below is just a starting point. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others.

For the Government of Ontario, click here

For the Government of Canada, click here

Updated December, 2021


Face-to-Face Meetings:

The District 06 website list meetings by type. If you select “in-person” you will get a list of meetings that holds face to face meeting as a service to our fellowship. The District in no way can ensure the safety and health of our members who choose to attend. It would be our recommendation that all health and municipal safety protocols be respected and adhered to

Online Meetings:

District 06 is not affiliated with or endorses links to online meetings. Our hope is that during these difficult times and with many meetings having to shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, these links and online meetings will act as support to the fellowship and those who have a desire to stop drinking.

CLOSED meetings:

If you are an alcoholic or have a desire to stop drinking you are welcome to attend closed meetings, be they in-person or online. For on-line meetings, due to the nature of the Zoom and other platforms, your anonymity cannot be guaranteed. Attendees may be asked to identify.